1. 3/8/13 EDC Feature Friday: Cory’s highly impressive pocket dump leaves even the most prepared individuals extremely jealous! What an awesome set of tools. Keep up the good work Corey!

    - FourSevens Quark Tactical, XP-G R5, 18650 body, Turbo Flat Tailcap and deep carry pocket clip
    - FourSevens Quark Tactical AA, XM-L, 14500 Battery on a Munroe MKII Dangler w/McGizmo clip
    - FourSevens Preon P0 on keychain
    - BigSkinny Leather Wallet
    - Atwood RingThing w/Munroe Ti Cross
    - Sig Sauer P290 w/extra mag in a Sneaky Pete sheath
    - Zero Tolerance ZT 0550 w/Pete Gray LBS, Atwood 5-dot Ti Lanslide, custom lanyard
    - Nite-Ize keychain w/keys, USB drive, Split-Pea lighter, Atwood Wrunt, SOG Micron, Ti clips
    - Original Sharkskin Mission Wallet
    - Jeep keys w/Photon light, custom lanyard and Munroe DTS Dangler
    - EDC keychain on Munroe Mega Dangler w/Ti clips, Ti ring, Quantum DD flashlight, JRP Dashi Toucan, Jordan Metal Art Ti Lantern, Ti whistle and tweezers.

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